Is Craft on Draft available in my area?

Craft on Draft is available in the City of Toronto and surrounding area.

What are the shipping costs and lead time?

We do are best to ensure all orders are delivered within 2 business days. We will confirm delivery date upon order confirmation. Shipping is FREE.

Can I buy kegs if I already have my own kegerator?

Yes! Go ahead and add you're desired kegs to your cart and check out. Please, note that Nitro Cold Brew Coffee does require a Stout faucet, Nitrogen regulator and 100% pure Nitrogen gas.

Is there a deposit on the kegs?

No, we like to keep it simple for our customers. We simply pick up the empties when we drop off the new ones.

Do the kegs need to be refrigerated at all times? What is the Shelf life?

Yes, our kegs need to stay refrigerated at all times. All products offered by Craft on Draft are fresh, made without the use of artificial preservatives. Shelf life is as follows:

Station Cold Brew: 6 months

Cascara Ice Tea: 6 months

Tonica Kombucha: 9 months

Moore Kombucha: 6 months

Greenhouse Kombucha: 3 months

Sparkling Water: 6 months

What are the kegerator dimensions?

The single and double tap units are: 23.5" wide x 30.5" deep x 39" high (+ tap tower).

The quad tap units are: 69" wide x 27.5" deep x 37" high.