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Single, double, or quad tap setups. Our quality kegerators come ready to pour.

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Treat your team and impress your clients with our selection of local craft beverages. From Cold Brew Coffee, Ice Tea, Kombucha and Sparkling Water, we've got something for everyone.

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End-to-end service and maintenance included with kegerator rental. Simply place your order and let us handle the rest.

Single Tap

Efficient and economical, the single tap system is perfect for smaller offices of 50-70 people.


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Maximum Value, small footprint. The double tap system is perfect for medium to large offices. Mix multiple beverages. Ideal for offices of 50-150.


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The largest of our tap setups. The quad is perfect for larger offices and grocery. Ideal for offices of 150+ people.


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Craft on Draft is available in the City of Toronto & surrounding area. 

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We decided to get Station Cold Brew for our office in the dead of winter. Sometimes the weirdest decisions turn out to be the best! We take our coffee pretty seriously in our office, so it’s a big deal to say that our whole team absolutely loves it – we’re guzzling a keg a week! Our guests are loving it too – it’s very impressive. Station gave us thorough tutorials on how to handle the kegerator, and it’s super easy. The customer service has been fantastic and delivery has been SO speedy and reliable. It’s funny, we can’t really remember our office without it now

Stephanie from Hubba